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12PM - 2PM Jay Zer0 Jill Dan InAllston
2PM - 4PM trill.wav 400 Days Radio GOLDSWEAT Dub Savage
4PM - 6PM Party on Marz Wolf DEM Jenn Green Bacon Disco Chilltown Vibes
6PM - 8PM Morning High Sound Resurgence Party With Tina Spectrum//Audio Deuce Parks Goldsweat
8PM - 10PM Dr. Dugger Birdmaster Kevin Barry KT Caustic Doctor J The Weekend Never Dies
10PM - 12AM No Secrets Lindale Wulfus Boof Public Access Sticky Fingers X EMBU Hydrohead SS LA 909
12AM - 2AM Wabberjocky CA$H4GOLD Slim Jong Ill Fictional Future
2AM - 4AM S0ulf1r3 Force Placement 5Ks till Kuta

This is RWD FM

Bass music radio based out of the United States, RWD.FM seeks to showcase the diversity of talent and styles that make-up the worldwide underground. With no genre constraints, every show brings something fresh to the airwaves to expand your mind and groove. DJs interested in joining the ranks of rwd.fm send info and mixes to itsrwdfm@gmail.com.

Long live pirate radio.


RWD.FM is a privately run radio station with no ads; all our costs are paid for by our DJs and donors. If you like what you hear and would like to ensure we can continue running our shows you can donate to us using PayPal via the link below.

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